Brittany Martina Himes New Jersey

Brittany Martina Himes — Maple Shade, New Jersey

This young woman (25) is a professional homewrecker. She writes a blog about being a mistress and she practices what she preaches. She preys on insecure men with money to fund her business. She preyed on my best friends’ husband while he was suffering from PTSD. After a thorough background check, we found out she has been involved with 4 married men in the past 2 years. Her MO is to meet men over the phone through her job as an HR Coordinator for a major supply chain shipping company. She studies their background to learn about their interests and family life before she goes in for the kill. She starts by flirting over the phone to peak their interest until she can meet them in person. Once she establishes a connection she starts asking the man to buy her things immediately. Watch out for her! She’s not against contacting the man’s wife to destroy their marriage. She’s an opportunist. She’s the type who would love to get famous on a reality show. She has a rosary tattoo on her arm, only to hide the fact that she is evil incarnate. Be warned.