Brittany Gudmundson Nevada

Brittany Gudmundson – Las Vegas, Nevada

well thought this relationship was going good til I finally got Brittany to admit that she was sleeping with a dude from her work, then I was stupid enough to forgive her… a month goes by and then I found out she was sleeping with one of her ex’s, but then when I confronted her about it, she admitted to sleeping with her ex girlfriend (yes she into females), so caught her up on another one. Then she tells me she has no heart or soul, although been telling me she loves me for months and all about being a godly woman lol all lies. Having her kids look up to me like they daddy, I played daddy to not two but THREE kids that aint mines because I loved her. And she just likes to sleep with everyone she wants to although she was supposed to be in a relationship the whole time. Used me for so much. She had no emotions about it either. Really hurt and feeling like the damn fool. Not right to lead on someone that actually cares about you just to f**k them over.