Brittany Duhamel Connecticut

Brittany Duhamel — Colchester, Connecticut

About a year and a half ago Brittany Duhamel came into our lives as a sweet charming friend. We became very close quickly and we all enjoyed her company. We all hung out as a family and even took small getaways together. My husband and Brittany dated in high school but they only said it was a brief kid relationship. This was the first of many lies told by both her and him to me. We would all go out as couples and Brittany would always need to be conveniently driven home after by my husband because she drank to much. He would be gone for an hour even though they lived right down the street saying always a different excuse of why he was late coming home. Brittany seemed sweet and always would help out with watching our kids whenever I was at work. Over the course of the last year I noticed my husband and her getting closer and he started to hang out with her without me. He promised he loved me and Brittany was just a friend. BIG LIE!!!! I continued to catch him lying about hanging out with her and even caught him calling and texting her all the time. Brittany used me as a friend just to sleep and be with my husband. Eventually everything made sense and I had proof on what was going on behind my back. She had no remorse for me about what she did. She slept with my husband multiple times. Even to the end she smiled at my face while going behind my back ruining my marriage. She is the most DECEITFUL and MANIPULATING person I have ever met. She pretended to be my friend just to get with my husband.