Brittany “Britt” Fulton Cheaters

Brittany “Britt” Fulton — San Clemente, California

It sure wasn’t a “Merry Christmas” this year due to this HO, HO, HOmewrecker! Brittany “Britt” Fulton is a real estate agent (BRE #02005946) currently working at Luxre Realty in San Clemente, California. This is the fourth agency at which she has worked in her four month real estate “career” during which she has sold ZERO properties in total. (Perhaps she could actually open an escrow if she simply focused on keeping her legs closed!) In early December, a fellow employee at her last agency (Keller Williams Laguna Niguel/Laguna Beach) reported that 28 year old Brittany Fulton was having an affair with her 41 year old married manager (Michael Miller BRE #01482159). This husband confessed when email messages surfaced indicating that not only was Britt Fulton actively pursuing him in an inappropriate manner, (even sending relentless suggestive texts and email messages over the Thanksgiving holiday while he was out of town with his wife and family), but she was additionally desperately begging him for thousands of dollars for a variety of her personal calamities. According to her Facebook profile, she was actually “in a relationship” with another man while all of this was occurring and has since become engaged to that guy (What a lucky fellow!), leaving the married man in the dust after being the catalyst for the destruction of his 24+ year relationship. (She is still cyber stalking the married man though which has included her attempts at Facebook friending of all of his relatives, associates, etc.) This married man describes flat-chested Brittany “Britt” Fulton as “a lanky, low rent Paris Hilton” further stating that he did not and does not care about her at all, deeming her as “faceless” and “nothing more than a prostitute”. It is utterly unfathomable why any broker or client would trust Britt Fulton to handle real estate matters being that she continually exhibits personal and financial instability and completely lacks moral judgement and integrity. Additionally, her overall appearance is extremely unprofessional (at least for anywhere outside of the escort or stripper realm) as indicated by one of her real estate profile photos (seen here) which displays Britt Fulton flaunting her overprocessed/bleached horsehair extensions and low quality spray tan/bronzer while donning a black synthetic lace dress! Beware OC ladies! She frequents 24 Hour Fitness San Clemente Super Sport at 110 Avenida la Pata and also loves to display public intoxication at Waterman’s Harbor (34661 Golden Lantern in Dana Point) where she will bribe a man into buying her food and drinks in exchange for taking the guy via Uber to her residence in San Clemente for sex. She is also more than willing to go raw dog if the guy doesn’t bring his own condoms. #getSTDtested PS The wife is pregnant!