Brittany Barnes Oklahoma

Brittany Barnes — Owasso, Oklahoma

This is Brittnany Barnes. She is married with a daughter. Her husband left her so she decided to move in on my friend’s husband. They have been together for almost twenty years and have a son together. My friend’s man works with her and tries to tell everyone that they are just friends but yet he goes and spends the night with her. She’s been married twice and has been in trouble with the law for passing bad checks. She’s been evicted everywhere she’s lived. Sounds to me like she’s just looking for someone to take care of her and her kid no matter if they’re married or not. Watch your men if you see this woman. She runs and hides every time she sees my friend, so if she’s not guilty then why hide? My friend has given her every opportunity to come clean but that means no more free ride. Hope she gets what’s coming to her!