Britney T. Carabine Ohio

Britney T. Carabine — North Royalton, Ohio

In the beginning of my relationship with my boyfriend. He told me “She’s my psychotic ex girlfriend, we fought all the time & she broke up with me saying I was way too clingy” and saying his mom and family hated her. Later on I find out his sibling was helping him cheat and his mom and the reason I never found evidence on his phone was cause he would Instagram message her and delete it while I was asleep.

She would show up at his house at 5am and left at 8am was because his family was extremely good friends with her and would tell her whenever I wasn’t home for her to come over. His mom and dad would protect her because she’s a medical assistant and I just work at the mall, trying to get a degree. I also found out from work that she told everyone I stole her fucking boyfriend (my boyfriend) when we met online, absolutely nothing dealing with her I didn’t even know her and that’s why her friends are okay with her being a slut. I ran into her at giant eagle and she was with her mom and my window was open and she told her mom “That’s mikes girlfriend that he cheats on me with” and her mom said “Lol just don’t let anyone find out but I’m gonna try to see how she looks up close” and Brit laughed with her mom and her mom pretended to look at something on her car tire but I saw she stared at me.

I asked my boyfriend who that was and why they said that and he just said “they were probably just jealous of how beautiful you are and tried to get my attention but I didn’t notice” This girl has slept with my husband while I was asleep, she’s copied every single one of my Instagram photos and told everyone that I was copying her when her posts are all shortly after mine and similar to mine.

She’s copied my hair, she tries to look like me but over edits her photos, she started curling her hair like mine, dressing like me when her online posts before were about her not liking dresses. She is ridiculous and the fact that her family thinks she’s better than me when there’s photos of her ass and boobs hanging out is outrageous to me, also like the ones i took off her Instagram. All these photos are edited to look like mine and I’m sick and tired of it and now I’m divorcing my husband for doing this to me.

Not only that, every time I have ever fought with him over thinking he’s cheating, she made it obvious by leaving her hair all over the car and posting these stupid side eye photos each time. I also figured it out when her hair color in a photo was the same color as the ones I found in the car, me and my husbands car. You may be young and 26 years old with a Medical Assisting Degree and a Security job on the turnpike but your still a slut for ruining a marriage.