Britney Meyers Cheaters

Britney Meyers — Three Rivers, California

Ok so it started off a few months ago when I caught Britney sending nudes to my boyfriend. We all work together, so I confronted her and dealt with him. We are in a open relationship so we agreed as long as everyone knew I was ok with it. Hell I was tryna get her to come to the house and play. We’ve made plans to hang out and things were going great. And then she started telling him how she was falling in love and this and that and how she would wait for him. ( wait for what bitch? ) deep down she wanted him to herself, ain’t happening. So she went as far as making up a huge ass lie saying a coworker of ours sent her screenshots of me admitting that I fucked his bestfriend and I no longer care about him. He freaked out and confronted me. Since I have NOTHING to hide I gave him my phone and let him go through it. I don’t have time to go behind his back to f*** someone else. All this time she’s been in my face acting like a cool ass friend. Bitch is a snake and a ugly one at that. Stays away from this nasty slut. Btw I have all her nudes and videos. She f*cked with the wrong one.