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rebbeca Grant

she will lie cheat and steal from you

British Columbia

vancity credit union, ubc .. your boy .. he’s out to destroy

alex charmchi ..
and me ..
met in 2012 on the 401 ..
before I figured out he couldn’t be “the one” ..
the darkness in him ..
i now call satan ..
tearin’ up the town ..
leavin’ his victims in their sorrow to drown ..
alex charm ..
all he does is cause alarm ..
he’ll take you out ..
pretend to be a gentleman ..
but beware ..
all he’s got is an evil plan ..
he’ll go outta his way to make you feel special ..
but gurl don’t be deceived .. it ain’t real ..
he also lies about what’s he’s got ..
all you gotta do is add it up ..
he only works part time ..
he goes to school sometimes ..
but says he’s been to all these expensive places ..
and only dines in rich people spaces ..
“I also pay half the mortgage” he adds ..
but Alex what ur sayin’ doesn’t sum up ..
all ur stories are lies ..
sad fact is ..
this ain’t the worst ..
you manipulate gurls to enter their home ..
because you want to be alone ..
so their body you can roam ..
but wait ..
that body ur groping ..
grabbing ..
rubbing ..
inserting ..
ain’t your own ..
you didn’t get consent ..
they said no ..
pleaded ..
begged ..
why didn’t you stop ..
this doesn’t make you cool ..
it makes you a rapist you fool ..
this is rape ..
it’s violates ..
it breaks ..
just apologize ..
and recognize ..
that what you did was destructive ..
you ruined lives ..
including mine ..
years later ..
I’m still tryna be fine ..
sometimes suicide looks like the only way I can stop this decline ..
in my soul that you turned black ..
but you claim that what you did .. didn’t leave a mark ..
it didn’t leave a physical scar ..
but my heart and spirit are broken ..
nor has my soul awoken ..
i am in a constant state of agony ..
from this harm you have caused me ..
which has brought you the wrong kinda fame ..
but you sit there without any shame ..
should I just end my life ..
so I can finally be free from these chains?

British Columbia

UBC’s Alex Charmchi @alexcharm is a degenerate

UBC’s Alex Charmchi is a Degenarate

why is it that when a victim tells anyone they have been raped, that one of the questions the victim is asked is ‘were you drinking’? bc that was the question I was asked while I was getting a rape kit done. I stopped the whole thing, and left. our system is a joke, so I followed the other victims on using this platform.

alexander charmchi who goes by ‘alexcharm’ and me have known each other since high school. he was house sitting a friends place in richmond this past spring, and he asked me to come over to chat bc he was hitting a low point, and didn’t think he should be alone. he claimed to be depressed, and thought about hurting himself. when I got there, he had a bottle of gerard bertrand, and I remember bc it was a syrah which is too full bodied for me, but I didn’t complain, since it was thoughtful for him to buy for our mini reunion.

while we were watching tv alex started to get handsy. right away I told him to stop, and reminded him that I was holding off on sex, until I found someone I was in love with. he laughed every time I asked him to stop and kept going with assaulting me. as he was taking my clothes off, I begged, cried, and screamed for him to stop. he didn’t care, bc with *one* thrust he was inside me. any females who are reading this imagine losing your virginity in *one* thrust. with his one hand he covered my mouth to silence my scream of agony, and with the other he pinned one of my thighs to the ground to stop me from closing my legs. when he was finally done he turned all the lights on while telling me I should leave. as the lights turned on he saw all the blood that was all over me and him, and all he could say was ‘oh fuck you are a virgin’. oh jeez alex! who the hell lies about being a virgin?? and he goes on to tell me how gross blood is. you, raped, me. of course I’m bleeding!

for anyone who doubts any of these posts about alex, just get in a room alone with him, and you’ll see he’s the devil. a warning ladies. stay. away. @alexcharm

British Columbia

Tammy Martin

This nasty one is a real gem! Not only will she see you behind her hubby’s back, she comes with her own herpes! This one thought I would cheat on my wife for her, not a chance…have you seen my wife Tammy?! She wants to be taken care of financially and from what all the guys tell me, she’s not worth a fin in bed!

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Candice Johnson — Cawston, British Columbia

Candice Johnson met my Best friends husband in a casino when he was working out of town. She came up to him asking if he had any weed. She askesbhim if he was married and he said he was and she asked if he had kids and if so how old. He told her. They smoked a lil went back to the casino gambled and drank a bit then she asked him to his room. She started touching him as soon as they were in there. She gave him her cell number and her RV park number that she manages in AZ. He obviously didn’t try very to not talk to her even though he did try to end it a few times. He drove 6 hrs to go be with her instead of being home with his wife and kids. When my best friend found out and confronted Candice she lied about the whole thing. Texted him the story she told his wife even though his wife had seen all the messages and pictures already. Oh and did I mention she was atleast his mom’s age.i feel bad for whoever she gets with next because it obviously doesn’t matter to her if they are married or not and she will probably cheat on whoever she dates next.