Brianna Manjerrez Cheaters

Brianna Manjerrez — Kelowna, Canada

Brianna is a Saskatchewan-Saskatoon slore who will do anything for a roof over her head and food to eat. Except it’s not out of genuine need, it’s out of pure laziness and confidence someone will always take her in. Everyone will try to find her jobs and introduce her to connections and loan the items required to do that – but she is only interested in living 100% for free. A recovering (but not so recovering) pepsi addict, alcoholic, etc. etc. she has no interest in keeping herself clean, only in what others will do for her. A user-narcissist at her absolute best, she has no accountability for her life choices. Best suited to becoming desperate person’s wife, Brianna aspires to own a home (Laughing.) She believes she is worthy and deserving of owning a home without financial contributions on her end, despite working “hard” 15 hours a week at a tanning salon, a place that should really fire her for being so sh1tty as a person in her personal time. This little girl-adult is best suited to getting fuked hard by whoever is willing to provide for her in the moment, becoming pregnant with someone’s DNA she can test/evaluate alongside your tax return, and then having a man financially support the outcome. If she can snort pepsi off said man’s d1ck, the better you guys will get along. She does love her pepsi. She’s a thieving slore from both males and females, operating in the Kelowna area, waiting for someone new to leech from financially cause she’s exhausted all of her usual resources. Careful boys and wrap it!