Brian Summers Illinois

Brian Summers – Illinois

I have been dating this person for a year on 2012 and then all of a sudden 6 months later that same year he decided to say we can’t see each other because eI lived far away.. humm ok a******.. then I say DONT CONTACT ME ANYMORE.. then 1 year goes by and then this a****** tries to contact me via yahoo messenger and then asks where have I been and he missed me.. that was a load of B*******.. then I decided that he wants to re-kindle the relationship where we left off then I saw him made the 6 hour drive.. and we had a nice time together then he says all this b******* about missing me blah blah blah…. yea ok then I ask him when I can see him again and then he says to me “I DONT WANT A RELATIONSHIP”.. F****** A******.. he goes on dating sites like and LADIES be careful of this one he is a gym buff and he tries to lure you in. Plus he has a 3 inch p****.. not that great…..