Brian McCarty Cheaters

Brian McCarty – Las Vegas, Nevada

v from Oak Lawn who has has been on Tinder for over two years looking for love and just and seem to cant find the one, so now he is looking for a sugar baby also known as a escort. Paying for love ? This guy is really pathtic now. He tries to lure women into his south loop condo by taking them to breakfast at Yolk. Tries is the key word. He graduated from Oak lawn High School they even wrote a article on this lunatic liar. Lets hope it gets back to them so they show those young men how not be when they grow up.

He was my ex until an escort reached out to me saying many things that I thought weren’t true until she sent me the email receipts from this lunatic. Even the Chase bank deposits he sent to her for his sick ass fetish. He has been stalking her sending threatening messages, Making fake Twitter handles and even bothering her family now.

Any women that see this stay far away. He is heavy on dating platforms. I then dug a little further to look up his name on the internet and many things has come up all the way back from 2004. It seems we have us a scam artist and also a mentally disturbed individual. He shared stories of his mother having serious mental issues and even his sister. I always thought his stories were so bizarre, that now I’m staring to know he has this serious health issue also. It is really sad. Hopefully one of his family members finds this post and find the help that he actually needs. I will be sure to spread the word over in Oaklawn neighborhood and his condo building just so everyone can know what they are living amongst. And so his old H.S can know what type of lunatic they awarded. Maybe they can have his article taken down who wants such a thing associated with their H.S full of promising young adults. Brian, baby, I hope you find the help that you seriously need. I will only include a picture of him that I took while on our road trip to Detroit for women to know that he is mentally ill. I cropped my face out due to not wanting to be associated with him and his disgusting illegal behavior.