Brian C Bunnell Tennessee

Brian C Bunnell – Nashville, Tennessee

In Nashville steer clear of Brian C Bunnell. Friends for 9 yrs together for yr & Half. Didn’t tell me his x gf who owns a house with him wasn’t an ex which he said nothing about til we started. I lived with my x husband and was only that no relationship so when he said there’s nothing going on, dont do anything together no sex hardly speak even. Everything was a damn lie. He spun a story of getting job offer and couple cousins in PA were killed during explosion. They wanted him to manage biz. After several months he decided to move, that was August. He packed all his belongings saying she said she would give him money he contributed to the 230k house. He got a call saying he could wait til new yr so he said he unpacked everything. I even questioned if all was true. HE was OFFENDED. By Feb it was apparant he wasnt moving. He said he was in love with me, he wanted to marry me and us have a place together. Once again he was offered another position, this time as asst manager. Long story short, I found pix with him and another woman her kissing his cheek. Pix were photo booth style and had a date. I remembered he was in Ohio working. Discovered she flew up he drove says he was there working but also went to mutual friends wedding. By now things are unraveling. I started putting pieces together although had said he wanted me to move with him. After my breakup with this scum, I discovered there were no explosion killing couple family members, he x gf and owner of house was not an ex. Moving to PA was not ever in the works. Every detail he’d told me was a damn lie from start to finish. I’m sure she knows now since we were both a group member on a page and I changed my profile pix to a photo of him holding me his arms around me smiling. She saw it.