Bria Fife Texas

Bria Fife – Texas

When Tim McGreck was in Texas she cheated with him as her boyfriend was trying to call them both on the phone. Tim McGreck is a cheater and a liar also. Tim was her boyfriends best friend that she cheated with. Calls to both of the phones were not answered because they were to busy to talk. She would go over to Tim’s grandmas house everyday and meet him. Tim’s mother was in the hospital and the doctors said she was knocking on deaths door but instead Bria and Tim chose to fool around. Bria Fife has been constantly unfaithful in her relationship making a new excuse for every instance of infidelity. Sleeping with other guy’s or even just flirting to elicit sexual contact. The course of her infidelity has led her to contract an STD, she won’t admit it or get tested. She also won’t tell any of her unsuspecting victims as she acts like someone is just being vindictive towards her.