Brett Findlay Cheaters

Brett Findlay – Edmonton, Canada

Where do I even begin with this one ! She spent a year in my inbox trying too be my friend , told me she’s depressed and diagnosed bipolar .. I was nothing but nice to this girl but when I stopped replying to her needy messages she decided to add my boyfriend and father of my two children on every social media platform , she started sending him nudes out of the blue and telling him she wanted him all up inside her , she has a child she barely ever sees because she’s to busy getting drunk and fuking other people’s boyfriends , I called her off his phone and she said I already know you guys are still together I told him I was okay with him staying with u and fuking me , then she said I love how upset your getting over this … This girl is on some next level shit she told me she’s had multiple child service reports opened on her and her baby dad doesn’t even come around her kid because he’d rather not see his kid so he doesn’t have too deal with her , he told me she’s manipulating and crazy … I think everyone needs too BEWARE of this fake ass cvnt cuz she’ll hop in ur inbox trying too be ur friend so ur not suspicious when you she hits up ur man , she told my baby daddy she’s been beat up before FOR THIS EXACT SAME THING !!! I understand why God gave her a son and not a daughter because this b1tch has NO SELF RESPECT !!!