Brenna Quigley Oregon

Brenna Quigley — Portland, Oregon

Like what kinda fuked up daddy issues must a girl have to be content as a side piece, especially when in love with the guy? 4 years later she is still trying to have my life. Am I a bad person to wish death upon her? It’s not a mystery why she has no friends. Just people who pretend bc they want drugs from her. Not for a second am I worried he’d ever leave me, let alone claim her. Self respect is a foriegn concept to her, if I wasnt so disgusted by her I might feel bad for how pathetic she makes herself look…..ok that’s I lie idgafuk and hope she starts playing in freeway. So years ago when I wrote you about her you never posted??? So you gotta this time please slores like her deserve to get clowned for fuking with peoples lives