Brenda Shelton Cheaters

Brenda Shelton — Ottowa, Canada

This old hag is nothing but a gold digging cunt! She had no problem breaking up a happy marriage of 40 years. She has minipulted a man that was always a good father and husband. He has nothing to do with his kids or grandchildren any longer because of this nasty disgusting beast. There is a special place in hell for bitches like this. May god have mercy on her soul for what she has done and all the heart ache she has caused for so many people. She is evil and has no remorse for what she has done. She deserves everything that she has coming to her. What is wrong with woman these days? Do you not understand what you are doing to someone when you break up a family. The depression the constant hurt. You literally destroy another person that has done nothing to you. Woman like this will never understand because I don’t think they have the ability to feel empathy or true love for someone if they are willing to cause so much destruction and pain to another human being. Stop destroying families and lives if a man is married do not persue him. Leave married men alone they are happy until you make them think they are not. How can a home wrecker look at themselves in the mirror or sleep at night? Its disgusting and it needs to stop! There needs to be a law against this. All the pain and suffering you cause should be against the law!