Brandy Kesselring Michigan

Brandy Kesselring – Michigan

Before beginning my story I would like to acknowledge that cheating is not a one person act. I place an equal amount of blame, if not more soon my ex significant other Kyle Long. The responsibility of the relationship lies on the committed party yes, but the other woman is by no means an innocent bystander, especially in this particular instance. The other person makes an active decision to get involved with a taken man/woman, cheating does not occur by mistake, but rather by choice. There is a moral code between all women, we are sisters of the human race and should support and build each other up, not selfishly and maliciously steal from and betray each other like animals.

This particular Homewrecker far surpassed the general expectations of the “other woman” role and went out of her way alongside my ex to make sure I was hurt as much as humanly possible. She first befriended me, got closer to my ex over time, lied to my face, manipulated me into believing that our friendship trumped any feelings which may have arisen.