Brandy Baker Nevada

Brandy Baker — Reno, Nevada

Brandy Baker first met my husband last year while I was federally incarcerated and I was pregnant. I was finishing up a short sentence mean while my husband talked all about me and how what things we we’re gonna do when I got out, My husband is Roneil Cayetano and he’s been involved on here before I should of known something or red flagged the whole thing back then but thought I was in love. The only difference with me when I met him is he said he wasn’t with anyone come to find out he was still married but he said they were separated, well Brandy knew about me and still pursued him. And before I knew it when I got to come home 4 weeks after having​ my son in prison alone, luckliy I have amazing parents that actually came to get my son, my husband at this point told me he’d made a mistake and he went with my family to pick up my son from Texas, we live in NV, so when I came home I was under the impression that he was so sorry he broke things off and it was the worst mistake he ever made, but after a couple of weeks he still seemed distant and different come to find out he was still talking to Brandy and was planning on being with her when she got out of rehab which wasn’t to far away from when I got home. So now he’s been playing both sides, and Brandy finally gets out of rehab and my husband goes and picks her up moved her into my mither in laws house and stopped talking to me and our four kids like we never existed, he turned off the phone that I had been paying for and I had no idea what was going on just gone and complete silence. After a week of nothing, he finally called apologizing for everything said how it was the biggest mistake of his life and he’d spend the rest of his life making it up to me. Then she started constantly trying to get a hold of him and making him feel bad for going back to his wife and children which she has kept him from the whole time. From then on my husband just jumped back and forth between us for four months until I put a stop to it. Then he steals my truck because she asked him too. She and him constantly made it rough on me. At one point I even tried to be the bigger person and be friends with her, but very short lived once I seen how much of a vindictive liar and just a bad person all the way around she is. 8 months later and I let it all go until my husband begged to be back with me and the kids because Brandy who is now pregnant with my husband’s twins which make his 11th and 12th kids. Our youngest is 11 months born on 4th of July. We also have a 4 year old and then 9 and 10 and 13 year olds as well. We’ve been together for some time. I spoiled this man and put everything I had into this relationship. Just to be replaced like nothing. But I decided to give it one more chance just in the last two weeks because Brandy has him held at gun point and robbed him and then moved another man into their home he had worked so hard to get them. Now he hates her and came crying to me. Behind me to help him get his twins. That he’s only gonna be with me and only me and how sorry he was for everything. I knew better but I gave it a go. And now he went back to her for the last time. I’m done. I had already moved on he roped me back in just to hurry and use me all over again. People need to know that she has no problems with being with married men. And women should watch out for my husband because he is a sneaky, wanna act innocent player. He even it’s so scandalous and faulty when he doesn’t get his way he’ll turn on you quicker then your own enemy’s would. They both lie cheat and steal. Can’t be trusted especially when enjoying each other.