Brandon Gilpin Texas

Brandon Gilpin – Texas

Liar and cheater. Brought his other fiancée home to the house he was living at with fiancée #1. Obviously when fiancée #1 or her kids weren’t home. Fiancée #2 publicly posted mobile uploads from inside fiancée #1 home! “Daddy’s” got a handful alright! Same cheating daddy stole $70,000 from his Grandparents. Isn’t Daddy Brandon a winner folks!? He doesn’t work at United Airlines either anymore, he was walked out by security, after getting head in the parking lot, from someone that, again, wasn’t fiancée #1. Seeing a trend here? Oh, and you’ll be paying this fat daddy cheaters bills too, because he doesn’t pay them. How many repos? Steer clear of Brandon Gilpin if you’re in Sioux Falls SD. He’s from Kansas City.