Brandie Neuner Kentucky

Brandie Neuner — Eddieville, Kentucky

This lady Brandie Neuner is fresh from highschool and also presently dating my ex lover sweetheart that is 26. I was with him for 7 years. Currently I lately figured out after we separated he did rip off on me with her. Had her around my child when we were with each other when I had not been about. Currently I uncommitted that they are dating, I’m much better in numerous means. She is speaking negative regarding me as a moms and dad. My child does not see my ex lover sweetheart as well as his daddy. Why? Due to the fact that my ex-spouse is psychologically as well as literally violent to me. Prefer to get weed and also performance tickets after that medication and also various other crucial points for his boy. He has actually placed my children life at risk numerous times with his unreasonable temper as well as physical violence. With the last battle he obtained physical as well as fierce with my boy when he was gotten by his papa, shouted, placed me down, and also was sobbing hysterically for me. He has headaches for a week awakening every early morning claiming my dad is mean, my father terrifies me. His papa appeared to reject he is dating her and also once again problems for my youngster for the previous week. While he was below my boy was weeping mother I’m terrified, I wish to leave make him leave. He really did not also come inside I made my father speak to him. Oh and also he messaged me stating he isn’t really with her as well as likes me as well as misses me from a phony account screenshot it and also sent it to her as well as she is still with him. Currently my trouble is her expression I’m a negative moms and dad. Points like you should not poor talk the various other moms and dad to or around your children which I do never if I speak about his daddy I periodically occasionally ask if he misses out on hiim or intends to see him think just what no, father frightens me I do not like him. Hmm. Yea I’m the poor moms and dad. She claims points like you ought to constantly have the papa about simply bc you typically aren’t with each other does not imply you should not. No we typically aren’t with each other bc of his misuse of weed, physical violence and also reduced way of life as well as oh ripping off with some attractive unpleasant individuals. They also assembled in the center of wintertime her putting on a brief gown with her boobs hanging around while we were with each other while I went to his area she lived following door and also she turns up home 2 mins after him hhhmm. And also leaves a couple of mins after him I question. Once more the genuine concern is her talking all type of crap on me as an individual as well as a mommy on a scenario she understands absolutely nothing concerning. For an individual she believes is going to wed her after just being with him a couple of weeks and also currently speaking about children.