Brandie Isley Cheaters

Brandie Isley — Atwater, California

This is about a homewreaking whore….. Her name is Brandie Isley…. She’s from Chico, California She knew my man had a family they met in 2013 when we Separated for a Short Period of time. Than He came to me and begged – me to take him back so we did get back together. And I thought everything Was OK. WE Were during great. Than this bitch gets out of Prison and wont leave my man alone. IF HE truly Wanted to be With her he Could Walk away. and break up with me. She lost Custody of her own child. And is A herion and meth head. She also had SEX with MY friends 14 Year old son. Now, She’s trying to Say she’s My mans girlfriend. Haha, She’s nothing but a side-bitch and a Whore. We have been together for over 7 years…….