Brandi Steinebach Tennessee

Brandi Steinebach — Deer Lodge, Tennessee

This woman looks and acts as she is all sweet and innocent. Like Martha Stewart meets Betty Crocker meets Mrs. Clever. But really shes just another Dirty Homewrecker. My man of almost 6 years and I have had a rough year. Things almost came to an end several times. She got wind of this and swooped in to save his day. Preying on his fragile state and making sure she was there for him. Now as I’m fighting to salvage my relationship she is still preying on him and stealing him away from me. I’m devastated and she’s trying to play house. She couldn’t keep her own husband….I ain’t gonna let her keep mine! Not without a fight anyways.

Brandi Steinebach Montana

Brandi Steinebach — Deer Lodge, Montana

So this chick right here is Brandi. She knowingly got involved with my man of 6 years. This little goodie two shoes plus the role of sweet and innocent when really shes just a Home Wreckin Ho! She couldn’t keep her own husband around so now she’s gotta scoop in on mine. My man, John Cavanaugh and I have had some issues this last yet but we’re very much still together when she started prowling. And i know he’s just as guilty. Queen B, as he likes to call her, plays the role of ya know…girl next door, Betty Crocker, Mrs. Clever, and Martha Stewart all rolled it to one. But she only wishes she cold be them. She’s a sleezy, dirt ho that can’t did her own man. Probably cuz of that huge forehead and giant chin. She contines to have my man over for dinner and invites him to her kids basketball games all while he’s still playing house and fuckin me. Thinking that she’s winning here. Well little does she know…I’m really the one winning. Cuz she can have him. 6 yrs of unfaithfulness is 6 too many. I’ve wasted my time trying to be enough for him. It will only be a matter of time before he gets bored with her old lady ways and finds another bitch. Only a matter of time.