Brandi King Idaho

Brandi King — Nampa, Idaho

Brandi King  is one he’ll of a dreadful, lying Home Wrecker. Finally found out about her and my fiance, and tried getting answers from her. She’drather ignore texts and calls, yet then tries having her friend and “sister” intimidate me lol. A real POS, she s got 3 boys she ignores so she can be on her phone non-stop, and carried on a relationship with someone for over 2 years, KNOWING he was taken. (Yes, he got his too and she isn’t all to blame, but she is the epitome of a HOMEWRECKER). Then, when finally told to F off and never contact him again, she takes her NEW boyfriend to his place of work, posting/boasting on Facebook. Watch out for this one ladies. She will try stealing your man under the guise of being a “friend”, all the while lying to her current sucker boyfriend…