Brandan Miller New Jersey

Brandan Miller — Brunswick, New Jersey

Beware of this man. He has been married 5 times and has had countless girlfriends. He will swoop down on you with sob stories about his past women making you feel sorry for him. The problem is him, not the women. He will get loans, bills and other things in your name. You will end up carrying him financially. He will put you in debt. When he’s done all he can he will leave you. He will then start being an asshole spreading vicious and very painful lies about you. He won’t keep a job. Can’t even commit to a cellphone carrier, so he certainly won’t commit to you. He has 4 kids. Multiple tattoos. Dragon wings across his back and a Ga bulldog on the back of 1 leg. Stand firm against this man ladies. We are worth more than this mentally abusive man who will leave your life upside down.