Bradd L. Yoder Cheaters

Bradd L. Yoder – Canada

Bradd L. Yoder, who told me he was from PA, is from Maryland! After many encounters over the last few months with him I began to question many things. Many times he would not contact me for day and hardly ever on weekends. Little things started to make my mind question everything. Bradd wanted to begin a committed relationship. This is when I began my investigating.Bradd lied to me on many occasions. He would tell me one thing about his life and if the subject came up again it was different. He told me he graduated Penn State in 1991 the he told me he always wanted to attend Penn State. I said I thought you did he said he wanted to impress me. He told me he grew up and resided in Pa. Then, he told me he was in dispute with his wife trying to save his home in Md! To get out of the lie he said that was his vacation home and his residence was actually in Pa. Another lie I caught him in as we started dating was his marital status. He told me he was in final stages of divorce proceedings. Then on another occasion he told me he was getting ready to file. All of these things and many others had me question his identity.