Brad Leboldus Cheaters

Brad Leboldus — Peterborough, Canada

This man works at a grocery store, Real Canadian superstore in Peterborough. He is an ASM there. He makes it a habit to flirt with many of his female customers. But on one occasion he went further than that and seduced a customer. This woman was going thru a painful divorce as a result of a abusive marriage. He knew her situation and took complete advantage of her. He made up lies about being in a abusive relationship too. And that he was planning to leave his abusive wife. He gave her his cell phone number so she could call him when she needed to be comforted. He knew she was vulnerable and used that to seduce her, brought her to his home when the wife wasn’t there, meet her everywhere, told her was leaving, thanking this woman for her patience with him,that he truly loved her and they would be together. LIAR! CRUEL! Had this woman hanging on for years. Buying Xmas gifts,valentine cards, playing it all up and the whole time saying we will be together, you will see. Until she called him on it and he admitted he LIED! It was never going to happen. And apparently not the first time he had cheated, he cheated on his wife when they first got together and again when they lived in Sudbury. I guess he makes it a habit to whip out his penis whenever he can. Watch out ladies of Peterborough. …