They have been posted here quite a lot in recent weeks as well as having been posted here years ago. They are known for being con artists, thieves, mental cases and liars. And now add internet BULLY to the ever growing list of terrible things they do. Every few weeks they seem to randomly pick a new person to slander and bully all over face book. I can literally count at least 10 different people I have witnessed them harass, stalk, slander and bully. It usually is a “friend” of theirs. Sometimes its someone they have never even met. Melissa is known for creating numerous fake face book profiles to use to stalk these people and also to talk to herself so it appears as though she has friends. In real life she has almost none. And the ones she does actually know and has met in person she has not seen in person in YEARS. Due to the fact that she has lied and photo-shopped her photos so drastically she now cannot show her face in public because she looks nothing like the pictures she posts. Bobby is an abuser and a user. They are quite the pair. If you don’t agree with something they post, or call them out on the fake pictures, hell hath no fury as a scorned Threet! They are coming for you. They are bullies and overall just awful people. They need to be stopped. Threet is more like THREAT because Bobby will harass and bombard you with nasty evil threats. He is a nurse and should think more about how he treats others on a public forum. One day it will cost him his job and he is too old to be a d1ckdancer again. They both have such torrid pasts I’m surprised they are poking the bear. Melissa is still on probation! WTF does that tell you! Proof she is a criminal! The pictures I am submitting she does not want to get out. This is what they really look like without filters and photoshop. How humiliating! Not sure what is worse, their ugly personalities or their ugly faces. Dirty Army, expose these scum!