Bobby Liptrap Virginia

Bobby Liptrap – Virginia

Found out he was in a relationship when I met him, and he promised to find a way to end it for me. He proceeded to say he loved me, wanted to be with me, and I didn’t understand how “terrible” the relationship really was. She made it out to be “perfection” over the internet, but he swore that couldn’t be further from the truth. He spent 3-4 days a week with me, slept over multiple times, met my entire family, picked me up from class–it was almost as if we had a real relationship. He then said he wanted me to help him end his relationship with the other girl, so I outed him for cheating on her, hoping she would leave him. She stayed with him. So did I. We were making plans to move in together once he finally left her (he lied and said she was unstable, had nowhere else to go, and threatened suicide every time he tried to leave her, so he was being terrible towards her in an attempt to make her leave HIM instead). A year later, he got me pregnant, even though I was on birth control. I sent him a picture of the pregnancy test. He blocked me from contacting him on his phone, blocked me on Facebook, and deleted his yahoo account. I found out later he bought a house with her only a few months later. Apparently they had been searching for one while we were discussing getting a place together, too. He finally met his daughter a few months ago and we slept together again, again he told me how much he missed me and how we should have ended up together. He kissed me and his daughter goodbye, promised he’d be back, and immediately went to the mall and bought an engagement ring. He proposed to his girlfriend that same night–promised to spend the rest of his life with her with another woman’s bodily fluids still on him. Found evidence of him cheating on her less than a week later with other girls, and continues to cheat to this day. Do NOT believe a word he says, and girl, DON’T DATE HIM!!