Bobby Kane Iowa

Bobby Kane — Ottumwa, Iowa

It all started at a time when family was coming together for the Holidays. Bobby became single all of a sudden and then not much longer after that my marriage was in shambles. I have never been a perfect husband and I had made stupid decisions at the beginning of our 20 year marriage. While I was repairing a broken relationship with our two children and fighting tooth and nail for my marriage this man was going behind my back. They met 6 times in a 2 week period. The first two times all they could do was kiss and fondle each other since that time of the month was interfering with his plans. The third time they met he just grabbed her pussy and said “Someone is off her period.” He would always make sure that he sat between her and the door. He would put one hand behind her head and the other one around her body to have total control over her. He would take her clothes off as fast as possible then get his off too. He would never fondle her to get her wet he would just spit on his dick and shove it in. The sex never lasted more than 7 minutes then he would pull out and cum on her. She would hurry up and get dressed and he would make small talk and then she would leave. That was pretty much how the other three times went. She would get back in the car and come home. Finally one night my wife couldn’t take it anymore and the truth came out. She told me everything when she had no idea what would happen to her. I am making peace with what she did and trying to repair this marriage. Bobby Kane on the other hand wants to lie and hide from me. I have given him the chance to come clean and am more than willing to listen to his side of the story since it takes 2 to tango. He wants to hide so I feel the need to expose him for what he truly is.