Black women beware of Craig Texas

Black women beware of Craig – Texas

This man is extremely intelligent, charming, loving and generous. He will make you feel like you are the most amazing woman on earth. He will make you feel like you are the only woman that matters but you will be one of many, sooooo many. He travels frequently for work and has women in every city he works out of. San Diego. Los Angeles. New York. Canada. Paris. New Jersey. Seattle. To name just a few. He targets black women with children. He uses dating websites like and grooms you with his flattery. He will overwhelm you with attention in the beginning, sending you a “Good morning beautiful” text every single morning. He sends all his women the same pics and texts! If his mouth is moving, he is lying. Please avoid him at all costs! He is a broken, dark, narcissistic individual and no amount of love you give him will ever be enough. He honestly cannot help himself. He is a sex/love addict and needs extensive therapy. He uses his role as “father” to his daughter to endear himself to you but don’t be fooled! I have receipts on this man and his exploits are well documented. You have been warned!