Bipolar Brittany Balmer Cheaters

Bipolar Brittany Balmer – Vancouver, Canada

Bipolar Brittany Balmer is major C. T. D. This b1tch has lost her marbles. She on heavy dosing on drugs for her “broken heart” . Shes been at it for a good decade since her high school sweetheart left town. Shes been searching for love ever since (in all the wrong places). A poor lost soul. I first had compassion and empathy for her. Until I realized shes just a loose canon that’s burned all her bridges and respect no one who gives her second chances. Everything is unappreciated in her world. She wants to world to give her everything and give back a big F you! Shes a manipualted lier cheater theive you name it. I dont think any indvidial on this planet could through to this headcase.