Bin Shackie Cheaters

Bin Shackie — Winnipeg, Canada

Here we have bin shackie, the nastiest meth head in the city of Winnipeg m.b. her private parts are so sour milk we have to leave the room but …. me and my brother kendal are disappointed in the fact she set up my brother jacko !!!! and try’s to act like she didn’t….be honest she will sleep with anyone for m*e*t*h that’s really all she is worth with vicky .c. shes forever never the same lmao… She sells herself and then cries on Facebook about my brother when she has DRDs [redacted]. Shes never gonna be anything in life except get people addicted to shit!! or sit around people’s apartments because her broke ass cant get a job due to her excuses and hopelessnesssad case. Hopefully she realizes she will never amount to anything at kyle and Maria’s place maria just locks her kids in a room to smoke m*e*t*h with kyle but to each their own . Hopefully you post this and expose what everyone is scared to say. Please post thank you love the page !!!