Billy Weigand Georgia

Billy Weigand — Warner Robins, Georgia

He cheated on me with more than five different women, and I don’t think most of them knew the truth either. He cheated on me even while I was living with him. Would get punched in the face when I confronted him, got kicked acrossed his bedroom more than I care to remember, been chocked and stomped in the stomach, was hit by him in his truck while I was standing outside of it, all because I wanted the truth from him. The last one is a real piece of work Lynne she just got out of jail and was picked up in a stollen truck they hit a deer and left that truck went through peoples yards and stole someone’s work truck. He has his own business B.W Diggen. And most of the one’s he messes with are meth heads like him and don’t work or even have a car to drive. Will have pictures of him and some of his whores. I don’t have one of Jill Florence, or the last one Lynne, But Shannon Vasquez knows who she is and he slept with her meth headed ass as well.