Billie L. Benjamin Washington

Billie L. Benjamin – Washington

Billie Benjamin is a known two timing hussy that works as a hair stylist in Longview, Washington, at Great Clips. She flirts, talks, and cheats with men that have girlfriends. She meets these men at her work. She knows these men have girlfriends. When confronted, she clams up. She thinks it is funny and will text you things like LOL, as if she thinks destroying a person’s relationship/life is funny. It is quite disturbing. She is twisted and sick, worse kinda scandalous dirt bag you can come across!!! She is a disgusting, ugly piece of dirty white trash. She will talk crap about the other woman and it makes her feel superior to ruin other people’s lives. She is an evil, evil, evil person. Oh, she is also a dummy!!!! No class whatsoever.