Bill Crawford cheater & liar Georgia

Bill Crawford cheater & liar – Georgia

His current age is 60 born 1/1955. Currently lives in kennesaw GA. Owns a landscaping company and has been divorced 3 times. Has 3 older kids. Physically fit, fake black hair with sun damaged skin, and spray tan. Has a tattoo on right bicep of tribal band. Bill has cheated in every marriage and serious relationship. He also has cheated not only with woman but has also has sexual encounters with Men using Craigslist personals. He lies about possibly being gay and is def bisexual due to his actions which have printed proof to back up that he has. He has also been arrested for propositioning a prostitute in Cobb County Ga..proof of police report. He is good at manipulating and making things up. He is very confrontational and turns things around. Very narcissistic and verbally abusive with a bad temper. Selfish in nature and has no empathy or compassion towards anything or anybody that he hurts. Pretends to be a Christain but uses that as a cover. Anything that he knows about a person he uses against them to cover his own mistakes even if it has nothing to do with him. Is very nice to his “friends” and people he doesn’t know well but acts differently to those who are close to him. Yells a lot and can be extremely mean and turn around and smile at the next person. He does not care who he hurts for his own benefits; even though he has nothing to offer anyone else. Is obsessed with his looks and thinks he is gods gift to people. Dresses like he is 20 years old with tight clothes that are not age appropriate. He is completely addicted to going to the gym to the point of him being angry if he misses a workout. BEWARE ladies and gentlemen as dealing with a sociopath-narcissistic person his very unhealthy and can damage you.