Big Player Harris Florida

Big Player Harris – Florida

Have been seeing this guy for two years and we were having a lot of fun but I was not going out on a date with him very much. He would cook at his place are we would ride round and talk and visit. He told me he loved me and he see a future with. And he was also seeing a girl in Shreveport. He told me that he wasn’t seeing anyone and that if he would he would tell me. Apparently he was seeing her for two years just like he was seeing me. Seems like to me I always get involved with the wrong men. And the sad part is I really loved him. And this is not the first time he cheated on me. But I guess love is blind. But I should had the heads up he cheated on his first wife. But as naïve as I am I thought everybody could change. Give him a chance. He played me and told me I was the only one. Our thing was to go ride around and look at the beautiful full moon. I know now players are always players. Believe me I will not make that same mistake twice.