BEWARE Sal D'Amore New Jersey

BEWARE Sal D'Amore – New Jersey

Ladies I cannot warn you enough stay clear of a man(if you even want to call him that) named Sal D’Amore. He is a master manipulator who has been cheating on women across multiple states (NY, FL, & NJ) He will win you over with his sob story that HE is the VICTIM. Do NOT I repeat Do NOT believe a word out of this man’s mouth. Sal is a LIAR, CHEATER, and ABUSER. He will cheat on you, take your money, and hurt you. He is an bipolar drunk who has no job and uses women to support him. He preys on the innocent and the weak women. I was one of them. I have been played by him multiple times. He will make you believe he loves you and will tell you all the things you want to hear. TRUST me he is a sick sick man. If you come across him run as far away as you possibly can. HE will HURT you.