Beware Peter Akinti Cheaters

Beware Peter Akinti – Canada

Where do I start? I thought this guy was a hopeless romantic, a soon-to-be-divorced good guy who was in a bad marriage. WRONG! He will tell you he loves you after the first date, he will tell you he wants kids (already has three), he will make it seems as if the sun and moon shine on you. It’s all an act. What he really does is disappear the entire weekend, he doesn’t hold down a job long. He admitted to accepting a car that a woman bought him. He thinks he’s a player, but he’s not. He lied about his age. He’s 47 not 44. Said his wife was older. Tried to insist that I meet his daughter after two weeks. He claimed to be a battered husband. We know there are two sides to every story. This man is a cheater. Stay away from him. He sent me pages of a book he’s writing, all the while lying to my face. He will try NOT to practice safe sex. Avoid him at all costs. He claims to live in NJ. A total loser.