Beware of Tim Turcotte Florida

Beware of Tim Turcotte – Florida

I dated this man for 4 years. Started off great, lots of attention , affection, cute. needy. I liked it. But when he couldn’t keep a job, hung out with all losers, and kept getting arrested I was extremely upset but had hope he could get it together. He is an IV drug addict and 21 time convicted felon. He has been in out of detox, stolen checks from me, stole money out of my wallet, He was constantly cheating on me. inboxing other chicks. He had profies on about 20 dating sites that I discovered, Now i find out he has been posting ads on Craigslist for gay sex. He is a nightmare. Run as fast as you can He shoots up anything he can get his hands on, steals from him mother . Been arrested for pawning her stuff multiple times. I am getting ready to have him arrested for stealing my stuff again.