Beware of Ron McDow Tennessee

Beware of Ron McDow – Tennessee

Ron McDow of Nashville is a successful and wealthy MD/Entrepreneur who presents himself publicly as a respectable and honorable man. The reality is that this man is an abusive, cheating, liar with no moral compass. He has a long history of domestic abuse with multiple women, including myself, and he has never been faithful to any one woman. I suspect that he has a sex addiction. During our engagement, I discovered videos on his phone of him having sex with another woman, in addition to photos of this woman naked. I already knew he spent way too much time getting “massages,” and that he continued to by condoms long after where were supposed to be exclusive. I also discovered a motion activated hidden surveillance camera in our bedroom pointed on the bed. Our relationship ended with him beating me up and my calling 911. Do not be swayed by his wealth. This man is dangerous — steer clear!