Beware of Melanie Stevens South Carolina

Beware of Melanie Stevens – South Carolina

I married Melanie Stevens in April of 2011. By August she had cheated with a band member at the Beaufort Water Festival. I was deployed at the time. I took her to Key West for her 40th birthday. She got drunk and fell. The police showed up and she was too drunk to tell the truth. I was arrested then the charges were dropped when a video was revealed. The first call she made was to her boyfriend. She had my debit card and could’ve got me out, but she stayed and partied and connected with a male friend.

She begged me to take her back and I did. We moved to Beaufort to make a new start and wait for my VA settlement. She continued to meet guys. When my VA was denied as they usually are, she became upset. Suspiciously, I was poisoned and she robbed our accounts and fled to Pittsburgh where she dated other guys.

I helped her move her family to Pittsburgh and she started a campaign to discredit me with her family. Her stepfather died in December of 2012 and I tried to save him. I was prescribed medication but her step fathers medicine became missing and she blamed me causing her mom to think I did it and called the police who found the case unfounded. She convinced her mother to make me leave. A week later she snuck to Houston to live with Sheila Schreiner. On Valentine’s Day she connected with Joel Cortez and dated him. They broke up and she slept with a few other guys. Sheila beat her up and a guy named Daryl Sharp was present.