Beware LGBTQ Community Florida

Beware LGBTQ Community – Florida

I am currently married to Caren Hines. However, that is in the process of being remedied. She is narcissist who will lie about anything to get what she is seeking and when you can’t or won’t provide it she will toss you aside. I know she had a Pinkcupid profile where she stated she made 60 or 100 thousand dollars a year. One she is unemployed at the moment and out of the 20+ years together, she has never made 60 thousand dollars a year. I know a lot of you will say I am bitter, you bet I am and angry. Not just at her but myself as well. There were flags, big whopping flashing ones. I chose to ignore them because she had all the right things to say at the right times. Especially if she ever tells you you are the only thing she needs or wants. She tells me now she wants an “open relationship”. I don’t want anyone else to experience what I am experiencing. It is very painful. So please hede my warning. Be cautious. Tread lightly. You have been warned. In the photos submitted. She is the blonde.