Betty Isabel Garcia Massachusetts

Betty Isabel Garcia — Everett, Massachusetts

Betty’s favorite type of man is a married man. She is already married, has two kids AND a grand child, but does not live with her husband. She lives at the back of her unlicensed salon with several people at any given time. Her latest victim is a father of two young girls (under 10) and he is a pizza delivery guy in the neighborhood. After a few weeks of delivering to her salon, he left his wife and two kids in the ditch and moved into the back of her unlicensed salon. She tells everyone that the guy is her brother in law, yet she makes out with him on the street and he smacks her ass often for all to see. This guy is not the first married guy she has had her hooks on. She has tried to break up another married couple who live down the street but he ended up leaving her. She has also had another married guy from out of state live with her for several months.