Betty Goins Missouri

Betty Goins — Eldon, Missouri

Fifteen years ago, after her husband left her, she decided to pursue and fuck my husband. Which was her boss. They worked art Gerbes in Eldon MO in the produce dept. I became pregnant with our twins and that’s when”they” decided “they” would end it. We Moved back to my husband’s hometown and she continue to pursue him claiming she was in love with him you know I was pregnant and knew nothing of their affair. My husband confess the affair after he been going on for three years. at that point I have been so distraught andmentally and emotionally abused by him, he has set me up to cheat on him so we would be even when he confessed. It worked to the point where I had left him before I had done anything with anyone else so that backfired however even after his confession she continue to pursue him . there’s a special place in hell for this bitch who went out of her way to break up a new family. don’t worry ladies I made my husband pay dearly over the last 15 years you have no idea . However please do the next post as he did not learn his lesson and will you’ll hear all about that one and the next one. just watch your manwith this chick aroundbasically she just threw her naked ass right on top of him at a going away party for a fellow employee . I see that she is engaged and I hope that someday she feels the pain and devastation of having her marriage something she believed in all her heart destroyed by someone like her Itzik many many years and my husband and I prepared our marriage to the point where we are still together and her children are turning 16 in a couple weeks however see the next post for an update on just how about a decision it was for me to stay.