Beth Toms

Beth Toms, Sarnia – Canada

This girl !!!! Caught her seeing my husband (don’t worry- he’s just as guilty as her so no homewrecker shaming)!! Oh Beth- u play yourself as such a caring sweet person but ur nothing but a insecure slore!!!! Tell my husband u want to be with him then run right BACk to ur loser cop boyfriend who U claimed was a loser and an alcoholic!!!! have u told any of these men you have a DRD?!!!! Why r u still in contact with him after running back to ur ex? Have u told ur boyfriend u still try to be in contact with my soon to be ex husband ? It makes me sick knowing I’ve had to get tested becuz of u an him – again he’s just as guilty (clean for the record) have some respect for yourself u dirty cunt. And to whomever else she’s playing or has been in contact with I have no problem sharing screen shots of messages where she admits this! Let’s see u lie ur way out of this one Beth.