Beth Brulport Ohio

Beth Brulport – Ohio

1. This posting is factually accurate, especially when it discusses acts of cheating by Beth Brulport. There is no “filler” or “puffery” added to each act of cheating. 2. The purpose of this posting is to allow men in the future be aware of the many acts of infidelity by Beth Brulport and the extensive volume of lies which she told in order to cover the infidelity up. It is only fair that men in the future know what Beth Brulports past has been like. Kinda like “carfax”. Does it mean that Beth Brulport will lie and cheat in the future, of course not, but past performance is a great indicator of the future. I met Beth Brulport in the first week of April 2017, Beth Brulport was living in her ex boyfriends home, Beth Brulport had dated him approximately 7 years and he broke up with her either in January or February 2017. When I asked Beth Brulport, who was the guy who owned the home, she told me he was “some guy.” Denying having any type of relationship.

Beth Brulport Ohio

Beth Brulport — Cincinnati, Ohio

I dated Beth Brulport for about 15 months, one night she passed out drunk on the couch, which was not an uncommon occurrence. Her phone kept blowing up with text messages. I looked to see who was texting her and it was some guy sexting her, I looked at the rest of her messages and I found 7 or 8 other guys she had been talking to, three of the guys she had been sexting rather graphically and for a long time. I went through the messages as she laid on the couch passed out drunk listening to her fart and read her messages for the next two hours. This is what I found.

  • Beth bragged to friends at the very start of our relationship that she intended to keep seeing this guy who is nearly 60 years old who was newly married and had a long history of living the swinging lifestyle.
  • Beth did continue sexting this guy on a daily basis for a year. • While Beth was telling me I was the love of her life, she wanted to marry me, she was telling her swinging lover that she wished she could have him.
  • Beth talked to her swinger lover about all the intimate details of our relationship. Including making fun of me.
  • Beth told me she wanted to marry me and 5 minutes later text a different guy, a guy 27 years younger to make arrangements for him to come over and fuck her that night. He did come over that evening and they had sex.
  • I found old text messages in Beths phone, from before I met her where she had relationships with three different married men while living with her boyfriend of 10 years.
  • Beth would sext these married men literally all day.
  • Beth was involved with two married men at the same time, yes, while living with her boyfriend of 10 years.
  • Beth would text her boyfriend that she “loved him” and minutes later sext her married lover.
  • Beth would sext the exact same things at the exact same time with two married men.
  • Beth would talk to friends about how she could get away with cheating on me without me finding out.
  • I often would find Beths behavior to be odd, she would disappear for 3-4 hours, or just stop texting. When I would question her and she would go crazy on me. I found out by reading her text messages, she disappeared because of her relationships with these other men.
  • When I did question Beth on her behavior and it would lead to world war III, my concerns were real, this did not stop Beth from telling her friends I was psycho, even though she knew she disappeared because she was cheating.
  • Beth would take videos of her masturbating and send them to the guys she was cheating with. But then she would send it to me, claiming it was special for me.
  • Every time I had concerns with her behavior, I found from reading her messages, my concerns were legitimate, that did not stop Beth from going psycho on me for even suspecting she was doing anything. I have never met anyone who was more dishonest, more malicious, more manipulative and had absolutely no remorse than Beth Brulport.

I just provided the highlights of Beths actions, she is a scary person, and she does a good job of making you feel she genuinely cares, I personally do not think she is capable of caring. She matches perfectly with a sociopath personality.