Berlyn Oubre-Grimes Washington

Berlyn Oubre-Grimes — Kelso, Washington

She Could Have Been A Real Woman… Berlyn Oubre-Grimes, You could have been a real woman that had required your man to wine and dine you, and open the door for you when you were in the company of each other. Or, at least reach outside of your selfish needs and desires which seemed to only be to make sure his dick was still attached and he was a shoulder to cry on, not once asking or noticing why he could barely keep his eyes open from exhaustion from taking care of me while I was waiting for surgery; or why some days he could barely walk because he himself was debilitated from his own health issues. In the mean time, you failed as a real woman, to care and nurture your “longtime friendship” as you so vainly put it, and your “special moments,” that I don’t doubt you may have felt, however, ones “special moments” are another’s booty call. Simply put, you my friend, allowed yourself, to be objectified, to be the other woman., While he took you to bath houses and sleazy motels, you never once questioned why you didn’t meet not one of his family members, friends, or his children, although I didn’t factually know until X-Mas day when I called you and asked who you were and let you know I was his girlfriend, and asked you who you were, and you coward, and hung up on me…and again I called asking letting you know as a woman, it would be in your best intersest to have a conversation with me. I approached you with nothing but compassion and empathy and tried to salvage your friendship with him. I felt sorrow for the two of you and tried to help him grieve his friendship with you because of the health issues the two of you were going through, but you both continued to lie for your own selfish desires. Through all of this, you could have been a real woman.