Berlin Germany

Berlin, Steven/Stephen – Germany

Tried to get me to meet him in a sex club, Insomnia. We were talking on the Insomnia site. I didn’t really find him attractive but thought “Well, as a hook up it would be fine.” Luckily he cancelled for work shortly before I went to Berlin anyway. I get back home from my trip there and check my whatsapp, he’s change his profile pic to a pic of him holding his fiance’s hand with her new engagement ring on it. I say, “um, are you engaged??” And he’s just like “Yes 🙂 She said yes. How are you?” as if that’s totally ok. I tell him off, he just doesn’t care. Saying “Have a nice week, bye” and “That’s your opinion. Thank you” being all up himself and acting superior as if he doesn’t care then blocks me. I do not have his surname, if I did I’d have looked him up on facebook to report him. I can’t search his pics of google images cause he either blocked me on the Insomnia site or took it down. But yeah, this guy’s cheating on his fiance.