Benny Pilehvar Cheaters

Benny Pilehvar – Toronto, Canada

i am very happy that one of my friends told me about this website. There are so many scam in this world which makes this beautiful world for others as ugly as Hell, I want to Clear some one Character and His Real one Here with you, and I want to Warn The “CANADIAN” Society, Include general public and those with Government position, I know Behzad Pilehvar with Ghost name “BENNY PILEHVAR” not from Here but from previous, i cant put my name here, but he completely recognize what i am writing here, He grows up in a very poor Family, In IRAN and in a very Low quality level life style in an Area, Called ” KHANI ABAD NO” He never attend to any schools, Or College Or Any university, in 2002 He immigrated to Canada as a REFUGEE Case, and until 2011 He was living in a Basement with His Wife MAHTAB (MELLISA) NALI on Jane and Finsh Area and he was always in the dream of being Famous, He was borrowing money from Others and Renting MASERATI, BENTLEY, Etc to make a Fake Exposure in this society and deceiving people. By following politicians and talking to them in social media, He Engaged in politics, He registered a Group of company working with International Investments, and creates a Falsify and Deceptive exposure of Himself in Canadian Society, He introduced himself, As a Real Estate Agent, Mortgage Broker, Investment Consultant and expanded his social media with contents related to this matter, Eventually with all this Deceptive exposure he start gaining Trust between people and he went to IRAN for a TRIP, Presenting himself as a Owner of a Big International Investment Company focused in Oil and Petroleum industry, As he already gained those Innocent people trust, he was convenience them to give him their money as a consultant and he will invest this money into different businesses by their name, But eventually, He Fraud Over than millions of Dollars and escape to Canada, At the time he deceived me as well as others by His FAKE EXPOSURE, FAKE APPEARANCE, AND FAKE LIFE STYLE. HE put me in so much debt by forcing me to put a second mortgage on my house and invest in his Ghost projects, now it is 2 years I am in this loss, Paying Interest and Barley can live by working in 3 Shifts, I know it was my fault too, But i want to warn others, *** Please DO NOT EVER LISTEN TO NONE OF HIS B.S *** HE DONT HAVE ANY PROFESSIONAL QUALIFICATION, HE NEVER STUDIED IN ANY UNIVERSITY, OR SCHOOL. HE IS AND HE WAS NOT EVER A MORTGAGE AGENT OR A REAL ESTATE AGENT. HE IS NOT OPERATING ANY INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS HE IS A TOTAL FRAUD. HE WILL DECEIVE YOU AND HE WILL NOT PAY YOUR MONEY BACK. AS HE DID TO ME. DONE EVER TRUST HIM.