Bekah Crivello Cheaters

Bekah Crivello — Hollister, California

Bekah Crevillo will pose as a harmless, grade school friend of your husbands. She will smile in your face and tell you how wonderful you are if your husband married you. All the while behind your back she will be texting him telling him she loves him and how he never should have married you and how much happier she could make him. She will try to manipulate him into leaving you even getting admitted to the hospital for an unknown illness in order to spark pity and attention. On Valentine’s Day she will send selfies in her hospital gown and question him if he’s spending it with his wife and in a jealous rage imply he better not. She is a immoral, loose , very common woman so desperate for male attention she will get it any where she can even disregarding the sacred covenant of marriage all while smiling in your face. If she smiles at you she’s probably trying to screw your husband. COMMON SLITHERING WHORE.